Musings, amongst other stuff, about highly opinionated things in a highly opinionated world by a highly opinionated girl.

Like, comment, subscribe if you enjoy many “…”s, run-on sentences, awkwardly placed “HAHA”s to dilute my silent cries for help, and mind spills with no real conclusion. Unfiltered and unedited at times, just like how I try to be. Though fail a lot with the guise of being “authentic” because I am just as poop scared of judgement as everyone else. I have many layers. But trying to be less so… Trying to get to my core. Also trying to be less opinionated… Trying to listen more, understand more, see more, seek less, understand less, listen less – be content as is… Gosh so much trying… Trying to try less too. LOL I don’t know, life is confusing. Balance and equanimity – grounded by Love. That’s it. 🙂

“(S)He is young and (s)he will learn in time that a (wo)man has not absolutely solved the riddle of the heavens above and the earth beneath and the waters under the earth at twenty (three).” – “The Fellowship of the Inklings”